Ring sizes

While we are more than happy to assist where possible, it is ultimately the customer's responsibility to ensure the correct size has been ordered. For an accurate ring size, we offer a ring size diagram available to DOWNLOAD and print. Please make sure to print the diagram at 100%.


Download: Pflegehinweise (deutsch)

To ensure that you will enjoy wearing your jewellery for a long time there are a few things you need to consider to maintain its quality, appearance and beauty. Please read this information carefully and follow our advices. Our jewellery pieces are delicate in nature and should be handled carefully. The items are only designed to fulfill the purpose outlined in each product description in our online store. For this reason SIAN DESIGN will not replace jewellery pieces damaged by irresponsible use. To prevent your jewellery from getting damaged do not wear the items while doing sports or other physical activities/labour as well as sunbaths. Avoid your jewellery from getting in contact with water and chemicals - such as makeup, perfumes, sprays, oils, lotions, sunscreens, household chemicals as well as any liquid containing alcohol or acid - as these chemicals can affect and destroy your jewellery item. It is highly recommended to take jewellery off while washing your hands/hair, showering or having a bath as well as doing housework.

Cleaning jewellery

PRECIOUS METALS - e.g. Gold, Gold plated, Silver
To ensure a long-lasting and great appearance of your jewellery we recommend to clean your jewellery regularly but very carefully. For polishing gold, gold plated and silver items do only use warm water with a little bit of mild soap and a jewellery polishing textile for smooth surfaces. To avoid scratches and other material damages do not clean with liquids that contain alcohol and textiles with rough fibres or structures. Silver and silver alloys have the known but not avoidable characteristic to tarnish with air and water. To reduce this effect silver jewellery should be cleaned regularly even if the items are not worn.

METALS - e.g. Bronze, Brass, etc.
Items made of metals as bronze or brass can be cleaned carefully with warm water and mild soap, a soft textile or a very soft brush. Do not use liquids containing alcohol or acids.

Please be aware that the cleaning recommendations for pieces made of metals or precious metals do not apply for items designed of black synthetic materials. Please do not try to clean these jewellery items. Signs of wear will occur by use and are a deliberate part of the design. The initially slightly rough surface will gradually get a smooth almost leathery appearance.

Storing jewellery

We recommend to store your jewellery at a dry place not exposed to sunlight. Avoid your jewellery to move around (e.g. while traveling) in order to prevent it from getting scratches. Do not store precious metal pieces on felt or leather underlays as these materials can cause tarnishing of gold and especially silver jewellery items.